Multipolar centre for the valorization of marine resources and residues


  • New trends in economic activities –especially in the primary sector- are based in a systemic approach to guarantee its stability. That is called “Sustainable economy”. The only structurally stable economy that defends the renovation and care of raw materials which are the basis of any industrial activity.

    Valorization of marine resources and by-products from fishing through biomedical developments is the framework where NOVOMAR project and this Valorization Multipolar Centre are placed. Therefore a wider vision of the concept valorization is adopted: “To use by-products from fishing activities which are underused to obtain high added value products as well as marine organisms which under specific conditions increase their properties or become a very useful source of molecules and compounds in certain fields of industry”.

    The potential of marine organisms on the economy of a country is huge and in fact, there are many companies and activities already benefiting from the sea as a source of raw material. However, we are still far from obtaining the maximum out of them because, among other reasons, the development of new products and process requires a big effort in research as a step prior to the industrial stage. Furthermore, not many companies have enough means to tackle that research or they ignore both the amount of research groups working in the field or the many possibilities the oceans offer. Administrations are aware of environmental problems derived from the poor management of by-products and likewise they ignore some of the feasible alternatives for their use.

    As a summary, this Multipolar Centre for the Valorization is born to join the capabilities of different research groups in the field of marine valorization and put them at the disposal of companies and administrations. The groups in this web have already proved their capabilities along the development of some research projects within this topic. The Multipolar Centre aims at catching the attention of other Groups and companies working in this field so as to increase and strengthen their global capacity and promote new research projects. This could be in the same field of activity or other related issues. Additionally it will establish a continuous flow of communication with Companies and Administrations to help them with their goals.

    To sum up: The Multipolar Centre for the Valorization has the mission of acting as a consulting and supporting organism for companies, administrations and public and private institutions about valorization of marine resources and residues related to food, cosmetics, biomedical, pharmaceutical and agricultural sectors.